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UV to IR  Ultra-compact  TEMoo  High efficiency  High reliability

  • CrystaLaser designs and manufactures state of the art ultra-compact diode-pumped Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YLF crystal lasers. Our lasers feature with low noise, high stability, high efficiency, high reliability and excellent laser beam quality. The specific designed compact Q switched laser with low jitter is great for LIDAR application and the Q-switched IR, green and UV lasers are suitable for laser trimming, marking and micro machining application in semiconductor industry. These lasers are suitable for OEM, scientific and industrial use.
  • Compact Q switched pulsed laser
  • Current available Q-switched laser products include diode-pumped solid-state Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YLF Q switched laser systems.
  • New Product !!
  • Wavelengths of the Q-switched laser available from UV to IR (nm):
    262, 266, 349, 351, 355, 440, 447, 473, 523, 527, 532, 660, 672, 946, 1047, 1053, 1064, 1313, 1320, 1340
  • No cooling fan, no cooling water required, no noise and no vibration during laser operation, plug and play.
  • The diode-pumped Q-switched crystal lasers are based on our proprietary laser cavity technology. This new technology allows the Q-switched crystal lasers to operate in TEMoo mode with amplitude stability and extremely low power consumption in a ultra-compact housing.
  • If you need special configuration for the ultra-compact Q-switched pulsed laser, please contact CrystaLaser directly.
  • Q-switched laser FAQ.pdf

    Ultra-compact Diode-pumped Q-switched Crystal Lasers

    Laser crystals and Wavelengths:   
            Nd:YAG/Nd:YVO4    Nd:YLF           Max. average output power* 
    UV Laser    266 nm      262, 263 nm        75 mW 50 mW 30 mW 20 mW 10 mW 5 mW 2 mW 
    UV Laser    355 nm      349, 351 nm        150 mW 100 mW 50 mW 25 mW 10 mW
    Blue        473 nm      440, 447 nm        50 mW 25 mW 
    Green       532 nm      523, 527 nm        1 W  800 mW 500 mW 200 mW 100 mW 50 mW
    Red         671 nm      657, 660 nm        400 mW 200 mW 100 mW 50 mW   
    IR         1064 nm     1047,1053 nm        2 W  1 W  500 mW 200 mW
    More wavelengths available: 438, 440, 447, 473, 555, 561, 750-1000, 946, 1313, 1320, 1342 nm
    Pulse energy**                Example: For an average maximum power of 1W Nd:YLF laser, 
                                  the maximum pulse energy is 0.3 mJ at 1 kHz 
    Pulse width                   Typically 10 ns to 20 ns varies from lasers and rep. rate
                                  special selection of pulse width from 7 ns to 100 ns available 
    Repetition rate               1 kHz to 100 kHz internal adjustable
                                  0 Hz to 200 kHz by external trigger
    External trigger signal       TTL, trig at rising edge
    Transverse beam mode          Single mode, TEMoo, M2<1.3, typical M2<1.1
    Longitudinal mode             Multiple longitudinal modes
      NEW LASER PRODUCTS          Single longitudinal mode Q-switched lasers
                                  Please contact CrystaLaser
    Beam divergence               3 to 4 mrad, full angle, diffration limited beam
    Beam point stability          +/-0.005 mrad/C
    Beam diameter (1/e2)          IR 0.5 mm, Green 0.35 mm, UV 0.25 mm
    Power stability, rms          5% after warm-up, at 1k to 10kHz	
    Pulse to pulse variation      +/-3% IR,    +/-5% green,    +/-10% UV 
    Polarization ratio            100:1
    Dimensions of laser head      5x18.5x3.6 cm (L,W,H) Type 2, for most of the lasers or
                                  7x18.5x3.6 cm (L,W,H) for high power lasers
    Dimensions of power supply    20x20x8 cm (L,W,H)
    Cooling                       Laser head: conductive cooling; Power supply: fan
    Warm-up time                  <3 min
    Operation temperature         10 to 35 C 
    Operation voltage             90-250 VAC         12 VDC input available
    Power consumption             40 W, typical
    View photo of the Q-switched laser
    * Average output power, Nd:YAG/YVO4 lasers, 1064 & 532 nm rep rate at >40kHz; 
      355 & 266 nm lasers at 15kHz;    Nd:YLF lasers, 1047/1053 nm, rep. 
      rate at 15kHz, 527 & 523 nm rep.  rate at 8kHz;  349, 351 & 262 nm lasers at 4kHz. 
    **Maximum pulse energy at 1 kHz, 0.25mJ for 1053&1047 nm, 0.12mJ for 523&527 nm, 
      0.05mJ for 349&351 nm lasers, respectively.
    Model No. samples                 Max. average output power
    QUV-266-5,    QUV-262-5,                    5 mW
    QUV-355-25,   QUV-349-25,   QUV-351-25     25 mW
    QG-532-200,   QG-523-200,   QG-527-200    200 mW
    QIR-1064-500, QIR-1047-500, QIR-1053-500  500 mW
    Warrantee: 6 months warranty with unlimited usage against defective parts and labour
    after shipment for all of the Q-switched lasers.  
    Q switched UV ultraviolet laser

    Mechanical dimensions of the Q-switched laser head is type 2

    For more information, please access the online information request form
    download catalog or visit the web page

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