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360UVTM Handheld UV Curing Light

The 360UVTM Handheld UV Curing Light is a portable, easy-to-use solution for quickly curing UV adhesives, UV inks, UV glues and for optical industry and biomedical applications. A fully charged lithium-ion battery and a plugin configuration with optional AC-DC converter provides 24x7 none interrupted operation.

  • UV light center wavelength: 360nm +/-9nm
  • High Output Power: UV light power >1000 mW
  • Max. Power Density: 10W/cm2
  • Compact Light Body: aluminum alloy
  • Multiple Timer Settings: 5 to 60 Seconds with 5 seconds steps
  • Instant On: 0.01 second warm-up time

  • Long life time: 10x longer lifetime than traditional UV lamp, 10000 hrs

  • Fast curing: The 360 nm UV light is best wavelength for fast curing of all UV adhesives. Its suitable UV wavelength and high UV output power provides fast curing, 3x faster than old UV spot light.

    • Click here to download a copy of 360 handheld uv curing light brochure in PDF format.
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