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Ultra-compact  High reliability  High stability  High efficiency

    CW Infrared Laser

    Specifications   (click the wavelength to download the specifications)
Wavelength, nm
Max TEMoo output
Max SLM output option
Available output option
Transverse mode
Beam diameter (1/e2)
Beam divergence
Output stability, rms
Beam point stability
Polarization plane
Polarization ratio
Amplitude noise, rms
Wavefront distortion
Longitudinal mode
      SLM version
Spectrum linewidth
      SLM version
Operating temperature 
Operating voltage
Warm-up time
Power consumption
Size of laser head

Size of power supply
Expected life time
1064    1053/1047    1122/1342    1313/1319/946     1030
4 W             3 W               1.5 W                 1 W               200 mW
1 W          500 mW         500 mW             200 mW          100 mW
4W, 3W, 2W, 1.5W, 1W, 700, 500, 300, 100, to <20 mW
TEMoo, M2<1.1
0.45 mm; 2x-9x beam expander option available
3.6 mrad; Option: a 4x beam expander reduced to <1 mrad
<1% over 2 hrs; Ultra-stable option: <0.25% over 24 hrs
+/-0.005 mrad/C
1064,1047,1342 nm horizontal; 1053,1122,1313,1319,946 nm vertical 
< 1%, 10Hz - 1MHz
< l/10
Several longitudinal modes with coherence length 1 - 5 mm
Single longitudinal mode with >300 meters coherence length
0.3 nm, nominal; 0.1nm / 0.05nm narrow linewidth option
< 10-5 nm
10 to 35 C
90-250 VAC or 9-24 VDC
1 minute
18 W, typical
3 x 3 x 12 cm with a fixed 6 mm thick base plate, or
3.6x5x18 cm / 3.6x7x20 cm (HxWxL) for high output lasers
AC: 5x14x15 cm (2x5x6 inch)     DC: 3.5x8.5x12.7 cm
> 10,000 hours

    Diode Pumped Q-switched Infrared Lasers

    Diode pumped green YAG LaserGreen laser moduleYellow-green laser and blue laser
    blue Laser moduleQ-switched Infrared laserInfrared laser beam profile

    Mechanical dimensions of the small infrared laser head (3x3x12 cm) and laser power supply are the same as the dimensions of CW 532 nm green laser

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