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CrystaLaser fiber coupled laser and fiber-delivered solid-state lasers are excellent excitation sources for fluorescence imaging applications.Fiber Coupled Laser Image The (405 nm, 445 nm and 488 nm, blue), the (532 nm, 555 nm, 561 nm, green-yellow) and (635 nm, 642 nm, 660nm, 671 nm, 690 nm and 785 nm, red) series come with an connectable single-mode fiber delivery system ( FC/PC coutput standard single mode fiber or PM single mode fiber) that is robust. The result is superior pointing and power stability from 10 to 40 degrees C to support consistently high quality images. FC/PC Connector or collimated output options are available.
Fiber coupled laser, single mode fiber coupled and multimode fiber coupled laser system with ultra-compact laser housing for diode-pumped solid-state DPSS red laser, green laser and violet blue laser and infrared lasers
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